The festive season may have just passed, but January isn’t all wintry gloom, there are absolutely loads of yummy things in season.


We’ll admit that February is a bit grim, but… here’s what you need to get through it!


SPRINGTIME! and there are really no excuses not to get outside and eat al fresco lunches in the sun with plenty of crisp white wine!


Spring is sprung and there is plenty in season to enjoy. Lamb, rabbit, and a massive range of spring green leafery.


This month vivid green peas, vibrant orange carrots, and lustrous cherries are all coming into season, as well as tender spring lamb and amazing crab


Strawberries, raspberries, berries, berries, berries!
….. and lamb!


We are well into summer and the ground is offering up innumerable tasty delights.


Summer is not quite done and autumn has not quite arrived, September is the split personality month that offers up all sorts of very yummy things.


Don’t let the failing weather get you down, take advantage of it by getting your casserole on, and indulge in some wild mushrooms.


We are well into autumn and the world outside your window may seem cold and grim, but don’t despair there are still a cornucopia of amazing foods in season!


The fact that it is the bleak mid-winter doesn’t mean that there aren’t plenty of fantastic foods in season.