World of Gluten-Free Dumplings

There can’t be many things more obviously flour based than a dumpling, but that doesn’t need to be the case, as Chrissy shows with a couple of easy recipes.

Basic Egg Pasta Recipe

If you don’t love Italian food then there is clearly something wrong with you, and if you love Italian food then you have to love pasta, especially homemade.

Delicious Grilled Duck

Peter believes that the best thing to do with a duck is not to confit or oven roast, but to stick it over some white hot coals and let the flames do their thing.


John gets all poetic as he shares a wonderful recipe for the fantastic Spanish quince paste.

Simple Green Chile Salsa

Green chili salsa is super simple, as long as you get your chilis from the right little bit of the world, says Miranda

Pickled strawberries

John solves two problems with one yummy solution, as he shares his recipe for the pickled strawberry.

Coca de Vidre

Barcelona is awash with bakery windows full of these beautiful pastries, but if you live anywhere else you can follow this easy recipe and make your own.

Postre del Músico

The romantically named plate that is perfect for sharing with friends, whether musically inclined or not.

Croque Madame

You can never have too many varieties of ham and cheese sandwich, and the Croque Madame is among the very best.

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