You may not know it but you need chimichurri in your life and our authenticish recipe is quick, easy and just pretty amazingly yummy.

Roast Swan with Chawdron

Yes, we know that you don’t get to eat swan often, if ever, but it’s always handy to have a traditional recipe to hand in case you ever do.

Pasta Puttanesca

Francesca shares her recipe for the simple, cheap, and quick wonder that is Puttanesca sauce.

Beaujolais Berry Compote

Beaujolais Berry Compote – Summery soft fruit, lots of wine, sugar… is this a recipe or just a dream?

Coronation Chicken

Coronation Chicken is supposed to be a regal celebratory dish, not some tasteless soggy mush that you get in petrol station sandwiches. This is how to do it right!

Squash soup

A Keep It Simple Stupid recipe for a quick and tasty soup.

Parsnip cakes

No, not the sweet kind, don’t think carrot cake, but rather fish cakes or potato cakes. So, just like that, but obviously made with parsnips.

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