Hot Cross Buns

The hot cross bun is a marvelous little thing. Don’t pick them up at the corner shop though, they are far easier than you might think to make!

White Soda Bread

The Irish have produced some wondrous things – I can live without leprechauns but soda bread is amazing stuff (and stupidly easy to make).

Simple Pancakes (crepes)

Properly yummy thin pancakes are super easy and fun to make, they just need a tiny bit of attention to detail.

Spicy pork meatloaf

In his first ever meatloaf experience, John discovers that when spicy and porky, it can be a wonderful thing.

Triple cooked chips

The triple cooked chip might be as close to a perfect way to eat potato as you can get. They might also take half a day to make, but they are worth it!

Barns Cottage Chocolate Cake

There are chocolate cakes and then there are CHOCOLATE CAKES. Throw away all of your dry and bland recipes and make this moist yummy delight instead.

Bonfire smoked Camembert

Sausages and baked potatoes are all very well, but you are missing a trick if you aren’t chucking some cheese in your fire.

Bananas Foster

It may seem a bit tacky and old hat, but this eponymous recipe from the early 50’s still has a lot to offer.


You may not know it but you need chimichurri in your life and our authenticish recipe is quick, easy and just pretty amazingly yummy.

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