The Perfect Jacket Potato

The jacket potato is a wonderfully simple thing which makes it criminal to get it wrong. Here is our guide to fluffy centres and crispy skins.

Fried Stuffed Tomatoes

Chuck some spice and cheese into a tomato, cover it in breadcrumbs and fry until you get an amalgam of wonderful yumminess in a vaguely Scotch egg like form factor.

Tomato Purée

More tomatoes than recipes? Afraid that a new form of antibiotic is developing in the back of your fridge? Tomato purée is your answer.

Tomato Tarte Tatin

Take some tomatoes and bastardise a traditional French recipe to end up with something absolutely sublime. Presenting the tomato tarte tatin…

Barbecue Tomato Parcels

Everyone loves a sausage, but don’t neglect the veg when the sun shines. Tickle your tastebuds with these barbecue tomato parcels.

Maybeterranean Chicken Sandwich

Chicken, halloumi, saladness, crispy additions and a garlicky sauce, all encased in a couple of slices of bread = a bloody marvellous sandwich.

The P&G Sausage Sandwich

Ah, the humble (or not so humble) sausage sandwich. Thickly cut bread, wonderful cylinders of porkiness, a bit of salad and some gin!

St. George & Toad in the Hole

The original recipe for Toad in the Hole has nothing to do with sausages. For St. George’s Day we get back to a more traditional (and yummy) version.


You may be able to find it in every supermarket and deli these days, but making your own hummus takes literally five minutes and tastes just how YOU want it to.

Greekish(?) Lamb Burgers

Lamb, feta, olives and pine nuts. They might not make lamb burgers quite like this in Greece but the ingredients are all from that direction and they really should.

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