#3 Cooking the body, wings and legs

In the third part of the series, Laura tells you everything you might need to know about the different ways to cook the main bits of a duck.

Yummy yeast

We all know it’s in bread and beer, but there are also a variety of other ways to eat your fill of this diminutive little beastie.

#2 Butchery

In part two of the series Laura tells us how to go about taking apart our newly procured duck.

Fake Meat – TGTBATU

Some people don’t want to eat animals, and that’s fine. The question is why do food producers believe they would want to eat fake animals?

Free wild food

There is no such thing as ‘cheap food’, but you can find free food all over the place.

A bad egg?

For anyone who cares about their food either hedonistically or ethically, the conditions the hen that laid your breakfast egg lives in are important.

#1 The glorious duck

The first of a seven part series in which Laura King embarks on a quest to use every part of the humble duck.

Brussels Sprouts

Are Brussels Sprouts hugely underrated?

Do we all hate them just because we have always had them cooked badly?

Could it perhaps be that we have misjudged the humble sprout and that they are actually fantastically versatile and tasty vegetables?

Why apples are like people

Apples are just like children, each seed is genetically unique, making it impossible to predict what the fruit will be like once the tree has grown up. The big question is what happens when we force them all to conform to a very certain set of expectations.

The pineapple sex test

We conducted a scientific (ish) test to see if it is really true that eating plenty of pineapple affects the way that seminal and vaginal fluid tastes.

10 strange pineapple facts

A list of ten strange and interesting facts about pineapples. Including oral sex, tenderising meat, and how to clean a machete blade.

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