You know those moments when you feel that normal butter just isn’t fat enough for your needs? Do not fear, do not panic, because ghee is the solution to this horrific dilemma.

Asian Leafy Greens

Emily explores the mysteries of the asian grocery store, and how to identify the best of the green things you find tucked away in unmarked plastic bags


A super food from an ancient civilisation that you’ve probably never heard of (the food, not the civilisation).

A Goose Fat Primer

All (non vegetarian) chefs love goose fat, it’s a cooking fat beyond compare. Emily explains why and what you can do with it.

Stale croissants

Croissants start out buttery, soft and mouthmelty, but they don’t live that way very long. Do not despair though, as Emily has ideas to resurrect your deceased pastries.

Herb or spice?

Do you know the difference between herbs and spices, because embarrassingly we didn’t!
Read the super simple explanation and then take the quiz to see if you’ve paid attention.

Ngumbi for dinner

Tamanda-Liuma explains how to cook ngumbi, which may not be the most common or visually appealing foodstuff, but is suprisingly tasty!


Why you should try and why you might love this Catalan ‘flowery skin cheese’.

Padrón peppers

Why you should play spice roulette with these lovely little Spanish peppers.

Start eating flowers!

Most people regularly eat stalks, leaves and roots, but never think of sticking the most colourful bits of the plant in their mouth. Emily thinks it is time for a rethink.

Cordelia was right

You may not think of Shakespeare and salt together, much in the same way as you don’t put health and salt together, but they all fit, as Devra explains.

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