The love of bread

John likes bread, more than likes it in fact, and makes an impassioned plea for you to do the same.

The weirdness of yeast

A potted guide to the weirdness of yeast served up in nine pub-quiz sized little nuggets.

Raw Milk

Tina argues, from experience, that raw milk has a multitude of benefits over pasteurised – even though some governments really don’t like you drinking it.

Basil oil

Skip the flavoured oils section of the supermarket and make your own super fresh and fragrant herbal oil.

Choosing hard cheeses

Of course we love Parmesan, but it is not the be all and end all of the hard cheese world.

Baker’s ammonia

We all know about yeast, baking powder and bicarbonate of soda, but there is another leavening agent that you might not be so aware of.

Confit garlic

Why not take one of the most versatile ingredients ever, and create something even better.

Maple syrup

Ellie takes a look at this expensive and intriguing amber nectar.

For the Love of Mushrooms

Kelsey explains her love of the portobello mushroom and shares a recipe she believes may convert any doubters.

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