Boiling sugar

Soft crack, hard ball, thread… We explain the mysteries behind the deceptively simple skill of boiling sugar.

Brown Butter

Yellow is a very pretty colour, but John explains why sometimes butter is better when it is browner.

Pimentón de La Vera

Smoked paprika is one thing that no spice cupboard should ever be without, and Pimentón de La Vera stands head and shoulders above any other.

The Sugar Refining Process

Ever wondered how sugar is transformed from cane or beet into wonderful sweet goodness for cornflake sprinkling? Well, now you’ll know…

The Fruits of Climate Change

P&G is much more about what you put in your mouth than what you put in your soil, but nothing tastes better than something you grew yourself.

Intro to Chinese Herbs And Spices

Just as the Chinese population grows in size, so Chinese food continues to grow in popularity worldwide. Time to reach for the Sichuan and Soy and have a play.

Beyond The Apple Tree – Asian Ideas

It seems we are less experimental with the fruit we grow than the fruit we buy. Why not consider planting a funky Asian fruit instead of the same old apple tree.

Salty Choices – Rock, Sea, Etc.

Salt is most definitely not ‘just salt’. One of the simplest of ingredients has some of the most profound effects on your cooking.

My Summer Red Berry Joy

Strawberries and raspberries are in season for all too short a time, but buy them while they are, lots of them, real local yummy berries.

Poaching Eggs – Vortex or Cheat

People are scared of poaching eggs – they think it will be difficult, and it is. Enter Jane to explain the easy and the easier way to tackle it.

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