Kopycat Kahlúa (30 days later)

Q. What happens when you mix together coffee and vodka and let them magically interact for a month?
A. You end up with a pretty potent and very interesting Kahlúaish coffee liqueur.

Feisty Lemonade

Make a zingy Springy drink in the style of an upmarket coffee chain, in almost no time with almost no effort and at almost no cost.

The Hot Toddy and the curse of winter

Having a cold is very grim, but it does give you license to consume medicinal brandy or whisky at any old time of the day – cry “Yay!” for the hot toddy.

The Cosmopolitan

The Cosmopolitan isn’t just for annoying shoe collecting characters in New York based TV shows, it’s actually a really good cocktail (for everyone).


Caffeine + Alcohol + Sugar = Surely, the perfect way to start the day?

Dolce Scorza

John would never consider putting Ardbeg into a cocktail, until he found this little gem of a drink.

Hot Banana Smoothie

The consensus is that replacing my sausage sandwich with a healthy smoothie will make me a better human being, but it’s cold outside!

The Hot and Cold

There are many cocktails with the same name, but this is the one you want to keep you company on autumnal evenings.

Espresso Resentin

Grappa and coffee go together like rain and clouds, so why is the espresso resentin so uncelebrated and ignored?

The Chrysanthemum

A cocktail named after a pretty flower, that must be something light and inoffensive, right?

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