Preparing the winter lair

With no more planned visits until Christmas – all of a sudden, tiredness strikes, and it is time to prepare for the winter.


The first week of October brings Erntedank, the German incarnation of the traditional harvest festival.

Milk paint

Milk. Some people drink it, some condense it, the Spanish fry it, and Odi puts it on her walls.

Sweet and spicy

Odi cooks up sugar and spice in a fit of culinary experimentation with great result.

Autumnal arrivals

This week sees all sorts of new arrivals, some older and some younger, some mechanical and some leporine.

Chickens and peppers

Chickens prepare to meet sheep, and fingers meet spices, as everything on the farm seems to burst into ripeness.

Gathering the alliums

The garlic and onions have been prolific and it’s time to start gathering them, but some of Odi’s potatoes have died a watery death.

Pickles and boundaries

With more cucumbers than you can eat and a potential mountain of tomatoes on the way, it’s time for pickling!

A profusion of pears

Do you have a tree showering you with more pears than you can shake a stick at, and do you know what you could do with them all? Odi does.

With a baa baa here…

Odilia had a farm, and on that farm she has some… sheep. She also has lots of fruit and veg, some flattened land and some toilet plans.

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