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Is there cheese in Japanese cuisine?

Tim asks: is cheese in Japanese cuisine? Traditionally no, but dairy consumption in the land of the rising sun is increasing and cheese is no exception.

Gelatin? Gelatine?

Mel from Essex has some gelatine based questions she wants ‘set’ straight. Luckily, Auntie has the answers!

What is lard?

Sara asks ‘What is lard?’ The simple answer would be ‘amazing’ but Auntie gives her not just one but three whole answers.

I don’t understand cling film

Vera has some issues with cling film (plastic/saran wrap) and frankly who doesn’t? Auntie does have at least one answer though!

Lemons – to wax or to unwax?

What is the difference between waxed and unwaxed lemons, is the wax dangerous, can you clean it off and are the different types better for different things?

Should I wash mushrooms?

Clyde asks “I have heard lots of times that you shouldn’t wash mushrooms, but I always do. Am I doing the right or wrong thing?”

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