10 Hardest movie chefs

We take a look at ten of the hardest fictional movie chefs, and compare their knife skills both in and out of the kitchen.

Songs about drinking

Drinking and musical creativity have a long and close relationship, giving birth to some great songs about alcohol and the joys/sorrows of consuming it.

Coffee Inspired Songs

Ever stopped to think about the sheer volume of pop songs that are written about coffee? Brian has…

Yummy, crunchy, munchy

Olives & cheeses & smoked meats, Pickled and salted tasty treats, Sweet & sour & spicy too, Goat & venison

Yummy things

Yummy things, yummy things, on the shelves, Tasty things, tasty things, for our mouths, Salted, smoked, pickled, spicy, Bready, meaty,