Maybeterranean Chicken Sandwich

Chicken, halloumi, saladness, crispy additions and a garlicky sauce, all encased in a couple of slices of bread = a bloody marvellous sandwich.

The sandwich is a curious beast, it can be either a miserable and slightly depressing affair (usually acquired from a petrol station or dodgy corner shop), or a glorious thing which imparts happiness with every bite.

This vaguely Mediterranean chicken sandwich (with other interesting bits) definitely falls into the second category, and since we are right in the middle of British Sandwich Week it seems like the perfect time to share it with you all.

A collection of lovely things

For this sandwich construction project you will need the following wonders:

Onion bread – Any bread you like will do really as long as it has some substance to it, and it should be lightly toasted. We happened to have onion bread sitting in the corner of the kitchen smelling enticing.

Tapenade – Tapenade is great stuff but don’t be too liberal, it can easily be overpowering and drown out some of the less subtle flavours in your sarnie.

Poached chickenPoaching chicken breasts is a fabulous way to avoid the age-old problem of dry breasts. Toss them around in a little bit of foaming butter afterwards to add a bit of colour.

Tomato – There are few sandwiches in the world that don’t benefit from the addition of a slice or two of a decent tomato (we used the sweet Arlinta cocktail variety).

Plenty of leaves – Take your pick, all sorts of lovely greenery goes well with Mediterranean flavours, think rocket (rucola), watercress, red chard, radish leaves….

Halloumi – Fry some halloumi until it is golden brown and squeaky, then try not to eat it for long enough to get it into a sandwich.

Pancetta – Grill it until it is completely crispy and would rather snap into pretty shards than bend at all.

Crispy shallots – Thinly slice some shallots, and grill or fry them until they are beautifully brown and crispy. Don’t take your eye off them for a moment though, the line between crispy and burnt to death is a very fine one.

Garlic yoghurt sauce – Crush some garlic, strain some yoghurt, mix them together with a pinch of salt and a splash of lemon.

Combine all of the above in whatever order you like, although it is probably best if the bread goes on the outside, and you will have yourself a sandwich worthy of a king (or president if you are not a monarchist).

Sit back and enjoy, it goes down particularly well alongside a nice cold Peroni.

Oh, and the dirty chips in the picture are completely optional, but highly recommended. Crisp edged fluffy potato wonders cooked in lard or dripping and liberally seasoned with salt, pepper and a bit of cayenne.

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