Game Inspired Dishes
for Foodie Geeks

Video games and food might not seem like the most natural match, but Japanese games company Capcom disagree, as Peter explains.

If you’ve ever wanted to truly “taste the excitement” of a video game there now exists ways you can do just that. At the newly opened Capcom Bar, a bar-restaurant owned by the famed Japanese video company, you could now eat many of your favorite video game inspired dishes.


The infected powerhouse villain Tyrant from the popular video game series Resident Evil has a dish bearing his namesake. If you’ve ever wondered what zombified spare ribs slathered in BBQ sauce taste like, wonder no more. For the mere asking of 1,980 Yen, you can enjoy the succulent Tyrant Spare Ribs splattered in the aforementioned blood red barbeque sauce, side of Zombie Brains not included (although you can order it for 680 Yen).

Gamers who played through the Resident Evil series know how hard it is to beat any of the games with a perfect score. I should know because I never did. Luckily, for people like me there’s a new way to enjoy Tofu-mode and (assumedly) I don’t have to headshot a single zombie to do it. Tofu-Mode at Capcom Bar is perfectly pan-seared tofu, slathered in savory chili sauce and topped with chopped green onion, making this dish one of the main attractions at the Japanese eatery. Just pray that you don’t have to use the knife and you could enjoy the taste.

If Tokyo is too far…

You don’t have to go Japan to enjoy a delicious video game inspired dish. The UK site Gourmet Gaming has been making it easy for folks to prepare their own fabulous recipes from the comfort of home.

One of my personal favorites is Skyrim’s Sweet Roll. Fans of sweet honeyed baked goods rejoice and never fear another instance of cake thievery. Essentially the Sweet Roll is a decadently dense spice cake adorned with gooey white frosting. It makes for a fine dessert, or if you’re feeling frisky, something sugary to keep you propped up during those all-night Skyrim binges.

The Bleeder

For something a bit more substantial, “The Bleeder” Burger is just the sodium bomb I look towards when I need to halt for salt. Inspired by Grand Theft Auto IV’s sandwich of the same name, The Bleeder consists of 2 quarter pound beef patties, 3 pieces of bacon, 1 whole tomato, and 4, count ‘em 4, different sauces, mayo, mustard, chipotle chili relish, and of course, ketchup all squashed together between pieces of white burger bun and held together by a single skewer. This baby takes its namesake seriously and is not recommended for those wearing white or who have anything to do later. After this burger, stains will accumulate and napping will commence.

Finally, perhaps the most famous food from a video game, is Portal’s Cake. Whether or not the game’s cake was a lie is irrelevant, because this delicious devil’s food cake is the real deal. Filled with vanilla cream cheese and covered in chocolate ganache, it’s sure to please the most discerning gamer, foodie, or gamer cum foodie. Enjoy your gaming meals. Bon Appetite!

The author is (fairly obviously) a gamer, owner of and lover of food currently living in Austin, TX with his girlfriend and a potentially homicidal cat named Oscar.

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