Oven temperatures

Our guide to converting °C and °F, what to do with a fan oven, and the mystery of ‘gas marks’.

Just about every food website in the world, along with the majority of recipe or culinary training books have an oven temperature conversion table.

Well, here is another one. Not just because I so love typing out tables of data, but also because this site contains a number of recipes and it seems only right to provide all of the info that you need to cook them in the same place.

I’ve added a separate column for fan assisted ovens in °C, the general rule is that you subtract 20°C (about 36°F) when using a fan oven.

°C °F
Water freezes 0 32
Water boils 100 212

Oven Temperatures

°C °C (fan) °F Gas Mark
Very cool 110 90 225 ¼
130 110 250 ½
Cool 140 120 275 1
150 130 300 2
Moderate 170 150 325 3
180 160 350 4
Moderately hot 190 170 375 5
200 180 400 6
Hot 220 200 425 7
230 210 450 8
Very hot 240 220 475 9

If you want to convert between any temps that aren’t listed here, don’t forget that you can always use Google for just about type of conversion, simply by typing the amount you want to convert and the from and to units into the search bar.

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