Hot Dog Couture

Ah, the good old American hot dog – it’s simple enough a sausage in a bit of bread, but not all hot dogs are the same, oh no!

Whether you call them franks, wieners, or red hots, hot dogs are as American as apple pie. (Editors note: In England we generally call them hotdogs :S.)

Everyone loves a good hot dog. Not the little yappy ones on leashes either, the yummy “whatever meat” that you pack into bread and load with condiments. No one turns those down!

Whether you get your fix on the street for a lunch quickie, at Ikea, or on gas station countertops – it is fast, it is delicious and everyone has their own way of running the show.

Being a hot dog connoisseur takes a special kind of person, not one willing to back down quickly. After persevering and doing much firsthand research, I have compiled what I consider the top 3 hot dogs and their vendors across the US.

  1. Koegel’s Hot Dogs from Flint, Michigan (they have good things there?!) These dogs are found in any local Starlite diner if you care to partake. Angelo’s is also good choice. Any coney island in Flint will have the chili & onion dog on a Koegel… locals know that it’s the only way to enjoy a hot dog. The special casing makes for a specific crunch that only a Koegel coney can give you. So they say…whoever they is… but it is delicious and worth a try! To die for, I can’t stress it enough, if you ever remotely enjoyed a Hot Dogs you must do yourself a favour and try Koegel’s

  2. Hot Weiner from Greek New York Chef’s served in Rhode Island. The place was referred to me by a Bostonian, Now that’s some marketing–these guys get around!

    Olneyville NY System is a family owned business that has made crude jokes about hot dogs it’s business…and they are doing it with style! They make a special weiner sauce that you can’t duplicate if you tried (and they do give the recipe online) but just ordering it will turn you three shades of red. Who would have thought, celery salt on a hot dog. NY System has made quite a name for itself over the years, and with good reason. Their hot weiner with special sauce is to die for!

  3. Cincinnati Chili Dog—Om nom nom! When ordering a Coney style hot dog in the Cincinnati area, you will be in for a treat your taste buds never knew they were missing. Cinnamon!? The annual Taste of Cincinnati festival is a great way to get the best chefs competing for your attention. Even though I have known “the secret ingredient” for years, my chili dogs never turn out like they do in the city. A great stop for a chili when en route! 2 ways with onions or 3 ways with cheese

What’s in a name, really? I’d take a Hot Weiner any day, and #2 has become my favorite hot dog stop so far!

So much hilarity and deliciousness is packed into each and every bite! Don’t take my word for it though, go out, taste one for yourself and start your own list of “favorite vendors”… the next stop on my list: Best Fountain Cokes.

Come on … you know they aren’t all the same! What is your favourite Hot Dog bite?

Guest author Donna has spent half a decade in New York’s Edictive office and has been hooked on the “traditional” junk food. It is so so bad and yet so so good!

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