The things you ask (aka FAQ)

There are some things that it seems some of you would like to know, and we would like to sate your curiosity, so… here are the answers.

There has never been a FAQ page on P&G, because we’ve never really never thought that we needed one. We’re still not sure we do really, but there are a few questions that have been asked enough times that they start to get repetitive or boring, so I am going to attempt to answer them here. Who knows, one day they might one day make it into their own special warm little corner of the site where they can live and grow, but then again they might not.

So, without further ado or ceremony, and in no particular order at all….

Q. What is X degrees Celsius in Fahrenheit?
A. Ah, a very good question, you will find all of the answers that you seek here: Oven temperatures

Q. Do you try the things you post on the site, or are the recipes just copied from books?
A. Any recipe that appears on this website, will have been tried and tested, possibly messed up severely, and then tried again until we are happy with it.

Q. Can you give me a recipe for X?
A. We certainly can! If we don’t know one, then we’ll either research or invent one and test it to make sure it’s fantabulous.

Q. Why are you so obsessed with sex, are you a bunch of perverts?
A. Really? We aren’t obsessed with sex, we are far more obsessed with food. We do have a healthy interest in human intimacy, but that doesn’t make us perverted at all, it just means we aren’t sexually repressed.

Q. Why do you have advertising on the website?
A. It’s expensive to run, both in terms of server, bandwidth, etc. and in terms of the time spent working on it. We would really much prefer to have it advertising free and we are looking for alternative revenue streams to make that possible, for the moment though we will continue to have advertising on the site and try our best to ensure that it is relevant to the audience.

Q. I’m looking for something in your ‘index’ but I can’t find it, why?
A. Ooooops, not all of the articles are in the index just yet, but we are working to make sure they are very soon. If you can’t find what you are looking for then try using the search box at the top left. Please don’t abandon the index though, it will lead you to all sorts of interesting things you didn’t even know you were looking for!

Q. Is the pineapple test real?
A. Yes, it is completely real, as are any other tests and surveys that you might find sprinkled anywhere on P&G

Q. Why do you spell so many things wrong all the time, like ‘colour’?
A. We don’t, if the article in question has been written by someone in the USA then it will be spelt ‘color’, if it was written by someone in the UK (for example) then it will be spelt ‘colour’ because that is the correct spelling in British English.

So, hopefully that clears up a few of the burning questions that we don’t have the inclination to answer over and over again. It doesn’t mean we aren’t happy to hear from you though, and if you’ve got any questions that aren’t on this list, then feel very free to ping them over to or post them in the comments below, and we’ll see what we can do about answering them for you.

5 thoughts on “The things you ask (aka FAQ)

  • September 1, 2015 at 12:30 pm

    Why would people ask if you are obessed with sex?

  • November 17, 2016 at 12:50 pm

    Is this website dead?
    There are no updates for months now.

    Sorry if this is a silly FAQ but I guess whether there is a reply or not will be an answer.

    • November 18, 2016 at 12:55 pm

      Hi Kimbala

      The website is here and alive – just in temporary hiatus whilst Pork and Gin relocates, which is taking some valuable writing and cooking time away from us! We are responding to questions, comments and Auntie is doing her best to answer cookery and foodie related queries! Bear with!


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