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What is the difference between Muesli & Granola?

Q. I am trying to eat more healthily and some sort of nutty breakfast cereal seems like a good idea instead of my usual bacon sandwiches. In the supermarket they all just look like boxes of bird food though, what is the difference between muesli and granola, and which one is better?

Asks Paul in Manchester.

A. Undoubtedly they are both more physically ‘healthy’ than a bacon sandwich but never forget that bacon is good for your soul!

Both muesli and granola do look very similar in a box and they also generally contain the same basic ingredients. There is one clear and simple difference between the two though which is this….

Muesli is uncooked. It is literally just a box of ingredients; oats, nuts, seeds, fruit, etc.

Granola is baked. The ingredients are very similar, but the cereals in it are mixed with sweeteners and some form of oil and then baked so that they form little clusters.

As for which is better – muesli is probably healthier (that horrible word again!) due to being raw and quite often unsweetened, but in my opinion granola tastes better and less like something you should be feeding your rabbit.

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