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What is lard?

Q. What is lard?

Asks Sara in Lille.

A. Despite your question only being three words long, I am a kindly soul (sometimes) and I am feeling generous so I will give you three answers!

#1. Not for vegetarians.

#2. Wonderful, wonderful stuff! The best thing in the world to roast potatoes in, and the key ingredient in the joys that are Lardy Cake and Dumplings.

#3. I think the answer you are really looking for is that lard is a fat rendered from pigs, usually from around the loin and kidneys. It’s also (perhaps surprisingly) healthier than butter with 20% less saturated fat, and is brilliant for cooking all sorts of things because it has a high smoke point.

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    • April 21, 2016 at 5:57 pm

      HAHAHA! – I have no idea what Cal’s tummy looks like but I chucklesnorted anyway.


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