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I don’t understand cling film

Q. I do not understand clingfilm, whenever I try to use it the whole roll comes out of the box and the cutter sharp edge does not work and the whole thing seems to stick to itself but not to anything else. Please help me!

Says Vera in Nympsfield.

A. Ha, the many complex issues that come along with each and every box of cling film, I wish that I could provide you with all of the answers that you seek, but alas…. I can not.

I can solve at least one of the many mysteries that you have presented me with though!

Every box of cling film that you buy (at least in this part of the world – which is where we call it cling film) has two little semi-circular tabs on either side of the box, which when pushed in prevent the roll from jumping out of the box every time you pull it.

The serrated cutty edge still won’t cut anything much and it will still stick or not to whatever as it wishes, but at least it will stay in the box!

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