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How can I make okra less sticky?

Q. I love the taste of okra, but I don’t love the weird stickiness. How can I cook it to get rid of that?

Asks Stella in London.

A. Ah, okra.

Personally I’m not a fan at all, but a lot of people are, and it is definitely much more palatable without that icky stickiness.

Generally if you cook it enough, there will not be any sliminess left in whatever dish you are preparing at the end.

If you fancy a more specific tip though…

It’s simple. Keep the okra whole, don’t trim the stems or make any kind of cuts in the surface at all and steam them for about three or four minutes. After steaming, leave the okra to cool and dry, then when you chop them up and use them as you normally would, you fill find that they are much much less sticky than they would otherwise have been.

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