All (or at least a little) about Lucille Pope

Lucille Pope

Partaker of all life's pleasures (to cancel out the horrors)!

Likes: Ribeye steak

Dislikes: Crocodiles/ Alligators/ Cayman et al.

Posts by Lucille Pope:

Tomato Purée

More tomatoes than recipes? Afraid that a new form of antibiotic is developing in the back of your fridge? Tomato purée is your answer.

Curry ordering 101

Trouble telling your dhansak from your dopiaza? Fancy a handy little table to simplify your curry ordering decisions. No problem? you are very welcome!

5 Most infamous cannibals

If you are squeamish, easily offended or find talk of serial killers unsavoury then please skip over this article, as we look at five of the most infamous real life cannibals.

St. George & Toad in the Hole

The original recipe for Toad in the Hole has nothing to do with sausages. For St. George’s Day we get back to a more traditional (and yummy) version.

Why are pine nuts so expensive?

The pine nut is a wonderful little thing. It is also ridiculously expensive in comparison to other nuts, not without good reason though.

10 Hardest movie chefs

We take a look at ten of the hardest fictional movie chefs, and compare their knife skills both in and out of the kitchen.

Kopycat Kahlúa (30 days later)

Q. What happens when you mix together coffee and vodka and let them magically interact for a month?
A. You end up with a pretty potent and very interesting Kahlúaish coffee liqueur.

Feisty Lemonade

Make a zingy Springy drink in the style of an upmarket coffee chain, in almost no time with almost no effort and at almost no cost.