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Emily’s Coq au Vin

Emily Beyda shares her favourite recipe for the classic French winter warmer. It may take a while, but it makes you feel like a real grown up.

Asian Leafy Greens

Emily explores the mysteries of the asian grocery store, and how to identify the best of the green things you find tucked away in unmarked plastic bags

A Goose Fat Primer

All (non vegetarian) chefs love goose fat, it’s a cooking fat beyond compare. Emily explains why and what you can do with it.

Stale croissants

Croissants start out buttery, soft and mouthmelty, but they don’t live that way very long. Do not despair though, as Emily has ideas to resurrect your deceased pastries.

How McDonalds is posh in China

Part of an ongoing Pork & Gin series on fast food and globalism, this article takes a look at McDonalds in China, and how the restaurant has been adopted by the middle class as a signifier of culture and wealth.

Herb or spice?

Do you know the difference between herbs and spices, because embarrassingly we didn’t!
Read the super simple explanation and then take the quiz to see if you’ve paid attention.

McGlobal adaptions

This first article in a series showing how McDonald’s global strategy has made them the most sucessful restaurant chain of all time.

Cà phê sữa đá (Vietnamese coffee)

At P&G we love cà phê sữa đá, and if you don’t you probably just haven’t tried it yet.
Emily explains a bit more about this sweetened iced delight.

First days in Saigon

Emily Beyda shares her thoughts about street food after her first few days in Ho Chi Minh City.

Homemade Notella

Pretty much everyone loves Nutella, but it’s pretty awful from both a health and ecological point of view. Up pops Emily with a recipe for a homemade version that solves both problems.

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