The pineapple sex test

by John Pope

The P&G team recruited volunteers and conducted a scientific (ish) test to see if it is really true that eating plenty of pineapple affects the way that seminal and vaginal fluid tastes.

About three years before this website existed, I wrote an article on another website about strange pineapple facts. What I didn’t expect was that it would become more viewed than every other article on that site combined, and that one of the facts in particular would spark plenty of comment debate over whether it was true or not.

You can find the original article now moved here: Strange pineapple facts

What follows is a (vaguely) scientific and completely serious test.

The contention

That eating large amounts of pineapple dramatically changes the way that our seminal and vaginal fluids taste.

We took six willing couples and got them to eat lots of pineapple, before asking them to have oral sex.

The methodology

Rather than give both halves of each couple pineapple to eat, we decided that only one of them should change their eating habits. The logic behind this being that we have no idea whether or not eating lots of pineapple (or otherwise changing your diet drastically) will have an impact on the way that you perceive the taste of other things.

Since my contention is that large amounts of pineapple affects the taste of both vaginal and seminal fluids, we divided our guinea pigs couples into two separate groups, with the men in one half eating the pineapple and the women in the other half.

The sample group is far too small to measure further details, like how age affects the results, but we deliberately picked volunteers to cover a wider age spectrum.

We also wanted to make sure that there was nothing geographic or societal influencing the results (though it is hard to imagine how it would), so we picked participants that were spread across Europe. Two couples each from London, Paris and Barcelona.

The lucky pineapple eaters were to receive oral sex from their loving partners on the evening of each day for a week, with the person giving the oral pleasure making notes on the taste of their partners sticky stuff.

The first day should see no changes to the participants normal diet, to set a baseline for their taste. From the second day onwards however they should eat 200 grams of pineapple each day for the rest of the week.

Names may have been changed, but everything else is exactly as reported from the field.

The participants

We gave each willing couple a scorecard to fill in two separate marks daily, one for overall taste and the second for sweetness. Filling in our scorecards were:

Sophie, age 24,
is eating pineapple


Liam, age 25,
is tasting Sophie

Andrew, age 53,
is eating pineapple


Sandra, age 51,
is tasting Andrew

Clara, age 19,
is eating pineapple


Thierry, age 19,
is tasting Clara

Daniel, age 26,
is eating pineapple


Louise, age 27,
is tasting Daniel

Gabriela, age 31,
is eating pineapple


David, age 32,
is tasting Gabriela

Cesc, age 23,
is eating pineapple


Nuria, age 41,
is tasting Cesc

The results

We took the scores for both taste and sweetness and calculated, the overall average. As you can see in the pretty green graphs, imbibing a decent amount of tropical fruit goodness really does seem to make a difference.

Overall flavour graphSweetness graph

Things get even more interesting when we break the results down into the averages for the separate sexes.

How girls taste

graph of girls overall tasteGraph of girls sweetness

How boys taste

Graph of boys overall tasteGraph of boys sweetness


The graphs above make it pretty obvious, in this test, which we will admit was limited, eating a lot of pineapple does make a significant difference to both the overall taste and the sweetness of your ‘sex wee’.

It also makes it quite clear that men seem to like the taste of women more than women like the taste of men, either with or without pineapple.

There are probably plenty more conclusions to be drawn, and we’ll be putting up some more pretty little graphs as soon as we work out what they are.

44 thoughts on “The pineapple sex test

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  2. Its a known fact that caffeine makes bodily fluids taste bitter and garlic makes your sweat smell garlicy…….in my opinion should there not be better use of our scientists. Come on people…..experiment with your own sex live!

    • “better use our scientists”, really?
      Obviously people are going to experiment with their own sex lives, but anyone with a mind for science can see that an experiment allows for a larger sample size, and an organized experiment can come up with more discoveries based on in depth data analysis.
      Tell me this is not way more interesting than most scientific studies out there!? Haha


  3. I’m not surprised at this outcome. Even though they say it is a myth, time and again my wife’s vagina smells fishy within a day of eating fish. As for pineapple, there is another little known fact….in the 1960s and 1970s guys would drink heaps of pineapple juice the night before their army medical to avoid being drafted. It puts your blood pressure off the richter scale, so to speak.

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  6. Okay, so I did this pineapple diet which you only eat pineapple for three days then on the second day I noticed something smelled fruity wasn’t sure what it was the next time I smelled that again and yes it was my urine. I didn’t ry to taste it but I found it awkward so I ask my friend who is gay she said that is not a myth and sometimes she mades her girlfriend eat lots of pineapple so they have a more sweet love making. I don’t know how much you have to eat but that it works it works. Good times!

  7. I understand tht you can purchase something called pineapple bromelain, at a health store and it has the same effect? I enjoy pineapple but the acidity results in pain for my tounge.

    • No, because it doesn’t contain the natural sugars from the pineapple, which are what affect your ‘sweetness’.

      • Wrong. Bromelain supplements most certainly do change the taste of both semen and vaginal discharge. If it was just the fructose then pineapple would be no better than any other high sugar fruit. What makes the taste effect of pineapple special is is the enzymatic effect of it’s high bromelain content .

  8. This is almost a good test, but there is a glaring problem: every partner KNEW if their partner was eating the pineapple. This introduces a confirmation bias: people perceive a difference because they believe they should perceive a difference.

  9. I love how boys consistently taste worse then girls (according to your results). Almost enough to make you consider lesbianism

  10. My new boyfriend eats loads of pineapple, and it is true, he does taste better than anyone else I’ve ever slept with.

    Why does this work, is the sugar in a pineapple somehow different to in other fruits?

    • In this test, people were eating 200g (about 7oz) of pineapple a day, which was enough to make a noticeable difference it seems.

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